Ultra-Compact 15-Watt Keyboard Amplifier with VTC-Technology and Original 8″ Bugera Speaker



Ultra-Compact 15-Watt Keyboard Amplifier with VTC-Technology and Original 8″ Bugera Speaker

The awesome and super-compact KT108 is the ideal choice for keyboardists looking for great, classic tube-like sounds in a 2-channel, 15Watt combo – with an equally-small price. Our revolutionary VTC (Virtual Tube Circuitry) emulates the preamp and power amp stages of those larger-than-life classic tube rigs, giving the KT108 its truly tube-like sound – plus the onboard 3-band EQ (Low, Mid, High) makes for super-easy sound shaping. The powerful 20-Watt Bugera 8″ speaker provides amazingly-rich and deep bass, without the slightest hint of distortion. And for those times you want to keep that all magical tone to yourself, we‘ve provided a ¼” input for connecting your CD or mp3 player – and a powerful headphone output.

Channel Your Sound
The KT108 gives you two channels, each with independent inputs and volume dials. A three-band EQ allows you to shape the overall tone.

Speaker Talk
A 20-watt, 8-inch, dual-cone speaker delivers a wide frequency response, meaning your sound will come though nice and clear. The KT108 is excellent for rehearsals or intimate performances.

Where are the Tubes?
The TK108 features VTC Virtual Tube Circuitry, delivering the warm, harmonic tone of vacuum tubes from transistors. The simulation of this time-honored vintage technology will add a new dimension of musicality to your sound.

Play Along
With its CD player input, your KT108 is the ultimate practice amp, because it couldn’t be easier to play along to your favorite music. If you want a little privacy, or don’t want to wake the neighbors, just use your headphones.

Rugged Components
The electronic components in your ULTRATONE KT108 have been built into a robust metal enclosure for maximum protection. The cabinet is made of high-grade wood covered with durable vinyl. The KT108 will never let you down, even when the going gets tough.

What’s in the Box
Behringer KT108 15-Watt Keyboard Amplifier, Power Cable, User’s Manual

  • Extremely versatile 2-channel keyboard amplifier
  • Powerful 20-Watt, 8” dual-cone BUGERA speaker for wide frequency response
  • 2 instrument inputs with separate volume control for each channel
  • VTC Virtual Tube Circuitry for tube-like sound
  • Ultra-musical 3-band EQ for ultimate sound shaping

Additional information

Weight 5.40 kg
Dimensions 32.20 × 16.20 × 35.70 cm





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